Join us in person in Wroclaw or on-line Thanks Jimi Festival – or contact us if you want to create a simultaneous event !

Play Hey Joe with TOP Polish guitarplayers Leszek Cichonski ,Krzysztof Jaworski, Marek Raduli, Mietek Jurecki, Ryszard Sygitowicz, as David Price (USA), and others. And you?
Neil Zaza (USA) , Feedback Family (Sweden), Egon Poka(Hungary) and a Great Final Concert DEEP PURPLE
Play „Smoke on the Water” with Steve Morse

World Guitar Day 2007 Breaks previous Guinness World Record!!! – 1,881 guitar players playing together in Wroclaw Guitar City!!!
Read about on the BBC.
Founded in 2003 by Polish guitarist Leszek Cichonski in tribute to Jimi Hendrix, and an annual event since, the „Thanks Jimi Festival” takes place in the Rynek (Old Town Square) of the beautiful medieval city of Wroclaw (aka Breslau), Poland. The festival has grown into the largest guitar event in the world after securing the Guinness World Record for the Largest Guitar Orchestra in 2006 with 1,581 confirmed guitar players (including Wroclaw city mayor Rafal Dutkiewicz who participates every year) all playing together simultaneously (and official estimates of an additional 15,000 people in attendance). The event is transforming into the center of an annual 1st of May „World Guitar Day” and is expanding significantly with satellite events happening simultaneously around the world as well as private individuals and smaller groups being able to also take part in real time via the web.
2009 only looks to be bigger than last year’s record breaker. Please join us in a day of universal, positive creative celebration and a new UNION and solidarity (this is Poland after all…) of guitar.
„With the power of soul, anything is possible” -J. Hendrix
The INCREDIBLE Thanks Jimi festival’s promo-video on YouTube.
We gratefully acknowledge the support of the city of Wroclaw in making this event happen! It would not be possible otherwise.
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