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Leszek Cichonski doesn’t stop to promote Jimi’s music in Poland. A new „Thanks Jimi Festival” with guitar record took place in Wroclaw, Poland. 916 guitar players played together Hey Joe, Little Wing and Wild Thing… – it was a real wild thing 🙂 . It was two month educational company in newspapers, radiostations and internet to let people learn Jimi’s songs. Leszek’s idea is to learn them a news song each year and play a whole program together. It doesn’t metter that we don’t have world Guinness Record /but Europe for shure 🙂 – The most important is the thrue UNI VIBE of hearts, minds and our souls !!! during performance Hendrix’s songs. 15 top Polish guitarplayers joined the Festival. A special guest was Roland Parker, he and his manager were very impressed.

As you can see on the pictures there are some really young Jimi guitar players. There is a good chance that the spirit of Jimi will be kept by a new guitar player generation.