Marzec 20, 2012

International Music Workshops

within MEDIAWAVE INTERNATIONAL SUMMER ART CAMP László Drapán, György Ferenczi (HUN), RENE TROSSMAN (CZ/USA), LESZEK CICHONSKI (PL), RENÉ LACKO (SK) Visegrad Blues Workshop With the leadership […]
Marzec 19, 2012

Hey Jimi

Greatest hist of Jimi Hendrix in new arrangements of polish guitar virtuosos are on the new cd „Hey Jimi” Voodoo Chile, Angel, Fire and much more […]
Marzec 18, 2012

A new World Guitar Record was set the 1st of May

* 1951 guitars* played Jimi Hendrix’s blues-rock hit ‚Hey Joe’ and other songs at the Old Town Square in Wroclaw, Poland, on the 1st of may […]
Marzec 17, 2012

Play with us! May 1, 2008!

Join us in person in Wroclaw or on-line – or contact us if you want to create a simultaneous event! Jan Borysewicz, Leszek Cichonski, Krzysztof Jaworski, […]