Marzec 8, 2012

Concerts – France, Netherlands, Germany !!!

Leszek Cichoński will play eleven concerts during his european tour. Besides the „Jimi & Rory” festival in Lens, our blues-rock quartet will play at the Blues […]
Marzec 7, 2012
artykul GP2005 mini

Jesteśmy w Guitar Player Magazine !!!

The World’s biggest guitar magazine „Guitar Player Magazine”, in its October issue, printed an extensive article about Thanks Jimi Festival! <- Click the picture to see […]
Marzec 6, 2012

New Tour in France

{rokbox}images/stories/news/francjakoncert_big.jpg{/rokbox} Leszek Cichonski will play in France in March – see: It will be a special concert on 4th of March in a club where […]
Marzec 5, 2012

Leszek Cichoński SINGS!!!

Those who were at Thanks Jimi Festival’05 may not be surprised, but the rest will be for sure! After all it’s hardly possible for someone who […]