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Concerts – France, Netherlands, Germany !!!

Leszek Cichoński will play eleven concerts during his european tour. Besides the „Jimi & Rory” festival in Lens, our blues-rock quartet will play at the Blues Sur le Zinc Festival in Beauvais – the biggest blues show in France. Mfa Kera (voc.) and Mike Russel (guit.) are going to join Leszek at the berlin show […]

New Tour in France

{rokbox}images/stories/news/francjakoncert_big.jpg{/rokbox} Leszek Cichonski will play in France in March – see: http://perso.numericable.fr/~blues/intro_company.html. It will be a special concert on 4th of March in a club where Jimi Hendrix had started his French Tour in 5th of March 1967. The Concert is a tribute to Hendrix and Rory Gallagher . It will be a guitar top […]

Leszek Cichoński SINGS!!!

Those who were at Thanks Jimi Festival’05 may not be surprised, but the rest will be for sure! After all it’s hardly possible for someone who has only played the guitar for nearly 25 years to suddenly start singing!!! AND YET HE DID IT 🙂 „A JEDNAK” 🙂 listen to Johnny Winter’s composition – Leland […]

Leszek Cichoński will play as a guest on a part of a tour with Bulldog Gravy…

Bulldog Gravy is a post industrial jug band playing country blues of the 21st century. Their music proves that blues – even nearly acoustic blues – can be still played in an innovative and exciting way. What’s interesting is the instrumentation used by the bluesmen. On the stage, besides overdrive harp, and electric and acoustic […]

New album of John Tucker and Leszek Cichoński is on sale now!

  „Come Together – Live” is a live record of Tucker and Cichoński featuring Wojciech Karolak. It is a feast for fans of Hammond, the sound of Leszek’s guitar and the brilliant voice of John Tucker. The album includes blues standards, and the title piece „Come Together” and „Unchain My Heart” – worldwide hits in […]

1201 guitarists played together – the Thanks Jimi Festival ’05

In May 2005, 1201 guitarists gathered together in Wroclaw’s historic Old Town Square to play Hendrix songs together, with an estimated 15.000 additional observers in the audience. The Thanks Jimi Festival was organized by master guitarist and Hendrix interpreter Leszek Cichonski, who will lead the crowd in playing „Hey Joe,” „Little Wing,” „Wild Thing,” and […]

Thanks Jimi Festival in Wroclaw, Poland

Saturday May 21, 2005 We expect over 1555 guitarists playing together „Hey Joe” and other Hendrix hits. Your help and contribution is highly appreciated! You can download the event info Spread the word on your guitar and music forum!!! Let’s make it an international event this year! Well, hope to see you guys in Wroclaw […]

The VBB concert Tour in Poland

    A new international Cichonski’s blues project VBB (Viesegrad Blues Band)! The VBB concert Tour in Poland! Visit the site http://www.visegradbluesband.com to listen mp3’s recorded live in Prague concert . 11.03. Rybnik – Teatr Ziemi Rybnickiej 19.00 12.03. Ciechanow – Pub GAWRA 20.00 (ul.Ściegiennego 10/35 ) 13.03. Gdynia – Pokład Club – 20.00 14.03. Warszawa […]

Concert Tour Carlos Johnson & Leszek Cichonski „Guitar Workshop”

Paweł Serafiński – Hammond Organ Robert Szewczuga – bass Bartek Niebielecki – drums Leszek Cichoński- guitar 29th oct.-15th nov. 2004y. Booking Agent: Art Management Grażyna Górka tel. (+48 71) 341 11 15 tel./fax (+48 71) 780 78 64 e-mail: biuroart@art-management.com.pl„>biuroart@art-management.com.pl g.gorka@art-management.com.pl„>g.gorka@art-management.com.pl

GRG in the World internet

A new „Thanks Jimi Festival” with guitar record and last Leszek’s CD „Thanks Jimi” have been noticed in the world: http://www.hendrix-links.de/guitarrecord04.html http://cdbaby.org/stories/04/07/16/5721302.html http://www.grooveyardrecords.com/leszek.html Visit our galleries: GRG 2003 GRG 2004

Guitar Record 2004

  more >> Leszek Cichonski doesn’t stop to promote Jimi’s music in Poland. A new „Thanks Jimi Festival” with guitar record took place in Wroclaw, Poland. 916 guitar players played together Hey Joe, Little Wing and Wild Thing… – it was a real wild thing 🙂 . It was two month educational company in newspapers, […]